Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rainy Day up Paris....Canyon

Martin and I got together with another couple, Weston and Jordan Hobbs who we just love to do things with, this Memorial Day weekend. The guys took us up Paris Canyon. It has been a very windy and rainy week. We didn't care we got our jackets on and put are hoods up and hiked up to Paris Springs. It was very pretty up the canyon, everything was very very green and doing the hike in the rain, made it just that much of a more unique and fun adventure. After Paris Springs we went furthur on to Paris Ice Caves. It was snowing by the time of getting up to the ice caves. It was awesome! I put some collages together with the awesome technology we have on our phones now. Haha, took about 5 minutes.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

This Saturday Martin and I got together with some friends and headed to Salt Lake for Halloween. We purchased tickets for Nightmare on 13th haunted house attraction. But before we went there we ate at Rodizio Grill. That was my first experience there. I can now say I have eaten rattle snake.....it was pretty good, but the thought of it ruined eating anymore than a bite, but at least I can say I've tried that and black bore.

After stuffing ourselves we headed to Nightmare on 13th. We bought the tickets online so we got a free VIP pass. Which I'm sure glad we did cause we didn't have to wait in the lines at all :) I got spooked a couple of times....Martin maybe more LOL. They say it's rated #1 in America and was on the Travel Channel. They had the groups to close, so it was like you were going through the spook alley with 10 other people. Or it could of been scarier. I will say though they have a ton of creative stuff in there! It was fun to experience. Below is a picture they took before we went through. We all look like nerds.

Hope everyone had a SAFE and fun Halloween! Now can't wait for these next two holidays. Vegas for Thanksgiving and Coos Bay, Oregon for Christmas!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Get Over Yourself!

No one is or can be perfect, so we can at least strive to be. I read this today:


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Break in NAPLES, FLORIDA!

I was lucky enough to fly to Florida and spend a week during my spring break,with my sister and her family. It was soooo much fun! The weather was amazing, the people were nice, and the surroundings are just beautiful! Here are some pic's of my trip. :-) I MISS FLORIDA!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

School Stuff

Been a long time since I last updated... so just thought I would blog a little about my schooling. I am in lab right now, learning to do a bunch of tests with blood....and I love it! I never thought I would enjoy sticking needles into people, but I really don't mind it! I am glad that I went into medical assisting, but I may end up wanting to just become a phlebotomist at some point. Today in lab we had to to a ESR test, and then we had to draw a venipuncture on at least 3 people. I was the only one who punctured 5 people. HAHA! I really want to get good at it!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yesterday we drove to Salt Lake with some friends to see the SnoCross racing. It was sooo cold but really fun! We got there earlier than the main event to watch a lot of races before the main events, as 7 o'clock rolled around the stadium started to finally feel up! We got awesome seating and the slednecks did some cool tricks! As you all know my boyfriend Martin and his buddies LOVE snowmobiling so they especially enjoyed it!

Friday, September 18, 2009

One summer in 2004..

I know I have had quite a few posts lately, and apologize for the previous post that the video is no longer available..but I was going through a box of pictures and found some of when I went to work at a salmon processing plant in Kenai, Alaska...we flew and worked there during the summer of 2004..oh what an experience!